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or personal details. Be alert and protect yourself from being scammed by following our tips. once you send it. Learn more about online shopping scams.
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Using computers and similar devices to go online has made everyday activities such as shopping, banking, paying bills and keeping in touch fast and easy … anytime, anywhere. There are, however, a number of risks associated with going online — some general and some specific to the respective activities that you carry out. There are a number of sensible and simple measures which you need to take in order to protect yourself against these risks, which include identity theft , criminals stealing your personal and financial data to defraud you or empty your bank account.

In this section you will find valuable advice on how to protect yourself, and what to do if you are affected. Contactless payment by phone or card is fast and easy. But you need to be aware of the drawbacks. Connected everyday objects can be just as liable to intrusion as your computer and mobile devices. Never get into compromising situations in front of your webcam There are a number of precautions you should observe when visiting websites featuring adult content.

Extremists make widespread use of the internet to spread their ideologies and radicalise young people. Smart TVs have brought the television and computer closer together, but being connected, they do carry risk.

Internet scams - Which? Consumer Rights

If you get a call from your bank or the police warning you of a problem, it may not be what it seems. Revised Privacy Policy and Information about Cookies Before continuing, we ask you to review our Privacy Policy which includes how we use Cookies to help us improve the quality of your vist to Get Safe Online. Review Now. Home Protecting Yourself. Protecting Yourself. Make sure you read them. Avoiding Ratting - Remote Access Trojans Take steps to avoid someone taking over your computer, and your webcam.

Scamming: What is behind the fraud?

Call Recording Services The new breed of call recording services: we query their safety. Contactless Payments Contactless payment by phone or card is fast and easy. Counterfeit Goods Buying counterfeit goods carries many risks. Do all you can to avoid doing so. Many of these programs are free, shareware, or subscription-based for very reasonable prices. In fact, many Internet Service Providers now provide free anti-virus software. Use obscure passwords that are not related to special dates, family and pet names, or favorite things. JD Sartain is a technology journalist from Boston. Getty Images.

From the Control Panel search box, type recovery. Select Recovery , then click the Open System Restore button. Click Next in the Restore system files and setting box. Always install the security updates for both your operating system and software programs. Limit sharing and administrative rights, and restrict write permissions.

Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details. Key Logging - Key logging software can be deployed on computers to record every key stroke. There are legitimate uses for such software, for example, when companies need to audit the use of their computers or parents want to monitor their children's internet usage. However, it can also be placed on an unsuspecting computer through a virus and used by fraudsters to collect information, including login IDs and passwords.

Spoofing - This is a term that means to deceive. In the case of email spoofing, fraudsters change the "sender" information of an email to make it appear as though it came from a trusted source. Website spoofing is when a fraudulent site is created to be an exact replica of a legitimate website. Phishing - This kind of "phishing" refers to tricking people into divulging account information.

The most common form of phishing is for fraudsters to send a spoof email to unsuspecting victims. These spoof emails look very much like an email from a financial institution, merchant, credit card company or other legitimate business.

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The spoof email will try to get you to click on a link that goes to a fake website. The fake website can look surprisingly like the legitimate business and ask for your account information.

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Your computer is your gateway to the Internet. In order to browse or conduct business online, you have to open a window to the outside world. Following these safe computing tips will greatly increase the security of your computer and reduce the chance of becoming a victim of fraud. Above all, keep in mind that awareness is your best protection.

Protecting Yourself Against Online Scams

So take the time to fully educate yourself and your staff on the methods used by thieves and fraudsters to gain unauthorized access - and become familiar with the steps your organization can take to help prevent account fraud. Passwords - Whether for online banking or any other online service, passwords are the frontline defense against an unauthorized person gaining access to your account information. Your online passwords should be as strong as possible so no one can easily guess what they are.

Use the following guidelines when creating a password for Androscoggin Bank online services:.

What Is Identity Theft?

Account Review - Review your transaction activity and bank accounts frequently. Software Updates - Keep your operating system and other software up to date.