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The Carceral Commonwealth / La mancomunidad carcelaria

The people's struggles for affording human rights continue after seventy years of adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The inconsistency between the States' pledges to adhere to international human rights norms and implementing them domestically is strongly visible across the world. Despite certain institutional developments in a number of Western states gross violations of human rights are an everyday phenomena in the life of citizens born in our planet.

ICAED observes that the process of ratification to the Convention on Enforced Disappearances is very slow in comparison to the recurrence of the crime of enforced or involuntary disappearance.

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ICAED and its members across the world are consistently doing advocacy, lobby and campaign in domestic, regional, and international levels to encourage more States to ratify the treaty for the objective of full implementation of the rights enshrined in it. ICAED is writing letters to the signatory States, as part of its campaign, requesting them to ratify the treaty and fully implement it in their domestic jurisdictions as one of the proofs of the States' commitment for extending cooperation to the United Nations human rights mechanisms.

ICAED is concerned over the political developments in several countries having growing number of enforced disappearances, although they are not State-party to the Convention yet. For example, law-enforcement agencies of Bangladesh and Pakistan in Asia are regularly disappearing the citizens of their countries. Continued non-cooperation with, and disregards to, the Special Procedures, such as the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances WGEID , has now made the victims' families more vulnerable as there is no other resort left for them to seek redress.

Sri Lanka, being a state party since , is plunged into another round of political crisis, which poses the threat to the process of addressing the issue of enforced disappearances. The current situation, if it persists, the cooperation with the CED is feared to be reduced and the safety of the families of the disappeared victims would be in jeopardy, as it had happened in the past under the Rajapakhsha government.

The CED may consider the possibility of holding meetings in countries of state parties in different continents, as per its mandates, in cooperation with other international bodies and credible civil society organizations having track records of working on the issue of enforced disappearances. Such meetings may contribute more to see and share the best practices in affording reparation to the families. On the eighth year since the United Nations put the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearances Convention into force, the global community has seen developments in the struggle against ED : there are currently 97 Signatories and 58 States-Parties to the Convention.

Several domestic laws criminalizing ED have also been enacted around the world. Bangladesh's incumbent Government has escalated cracking down on the country's opposition prior to the general elections expected to take place by December The country's Law-Enforcement Agencies regularly demonstrate violent attitudes towards the dissents while the poor situation of Human Rights is highly alarming. Please click title above to read. February 1 — 28, Executive Summary.

The year is considered to be very significant year for Bangladesh as the 11th Parliamentary Election is likely to be held in December The Awami League led alliance government remains in power since and in the last 10 years, the government has made different, important government and independent institutions politicized and subservient to it. The Government unilaterally removed the Caretaker Government system in , despite protests from the main opposition BNP, civil society and other political parties, without any referendum, through the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, which created a political crisis.

Almost all political parties, including Bangladesh Nationalist Party BNP except Awami League and its alliance boycotted elections in protest of the removal of the caretaker government system; and the Awami League reassumed power for a second term through controversial and farcical Parliamentary Elections1 on January 5, and in doing so lost credibility POLICE investigators saying that they have found no evidence of any criminal gang being involved in the abduction of North South University teacher Mubashar Hasan Caesar, which took place on November 7, points to a pertinent, yet concerning issue.

The teacher, who is an anti-extremism analyst, was picked up from in front of the IDB Building in the capital city 10 minutes after he had left the building. The incident, like any other incidents of enforced disappearance, caused a stir, with family, friends, rights and civic groups demanding that the government should find him out.

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  4. He still remains untraced. Aniruddha seems to be one of the few of about people who, as rights group Odhikar puts it, disappeared between January and October and returned. Please click title above to continue. Continue here. Manila, 23 de octubre del Aunque los lugares parecen no haber sido alterados vemos una intencionalidad en estos hechos que nos debe tener alerta.

    Read full statement here.

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    August 30, On the occasion of the International Day of the Disappeared, we pay tribute to our beloved desaparecidos. To concretize this, the ICAED never tires in knocking at doors of UN member-states to call for their signature, ratification and implementation of the Convention and for the recognition of the competence of the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearance.

    The provisions of the Convention are more present than ever. ICAED supports the UN which, today, launches a campaign to double the number of ratifications of the Convention in the next five years. The struggle for a world without desaparecidos is far from over. On the occasion of the passage of four years.

    Despite the passage of four years since the disappearance of our loved ones in secret prisons, and despite the failure of the authorities to respond to our calls; still, they continue to commit more crimes against the rights of citizens and the forcibly disappeared, we believe that if our will remains strong, we will meet them. The Association salutes the souls of the martyrs, our sons who were forcibly disappeared and killed by the authorities who claimed they were killed in clashes. The Association also salutes the steadfastness of our disappeared sons and wish them safety. We call all families to withstand and persist vigorously in searching with perseverance, no matter what obstacles or threats they receive from the authority.

    The Association also calls upon all free people in the world, human rights organizations and the United Nations to support the cause of the forcibly disappeared as the most just and most humane cause, and to take legal actions to prosecute the perpetrators according to the mechanisms available to them.

    We will continue and will never abandon our cause and we will do our best, taking all legal means to detect the fate of our sons and to prosecute the perpetrators. No right will be lost as long as there is someone to claim it.

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    Las desapariciones forzadas van en contra de la dignidad humana y del estado de derecho. Como resultado, las familias no pueden afligirse y sanar y permanecer sin una respuesta. Las desapariciones forzadas afectan de manera diferente a las mujeres y los hombres, ya que muchas otras cuestiones deben tenerse en cuenta cuando las mujeres se enfrentan a desapariciones forzadas. To many people enforced disappearance is not a clear concept. Often, persons subjected to enforced disappearance are being mistaken for missing persons even though those are very different things.

    senjouin-kikishiro.com/images/tykipez/2112.php Enforced disappearance is composed of three constitutive elements being: the deprivation of liberty of a victim, perpetrated by agents of the State or by persons or groups that act with the tolerance, acquiescence or support of the State and refused acknowledgment or the concealment of the fate or whereabouts of the disappeared. Click here to download or view.

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    The clamor of the families of victims of enforced disappearance from across the globe to resurface and bring back their disappeared loved ones is louder than before. Another year has passed and although a significant number of milestones have been achieved in the collective struggle against this painful phenomenon, enforced disappearance continues to traumatize the lives of innocent families worldwide.

    The UN Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance, which is an international legal instrument that was adopted to address the issue, is faced with different political challenges. As of May , many countries have yet to sign and ratify the Convention and those which have ratified have yet to recognize the competence of the Committee on Enforced Disappearances.

    In Asia, only 6 out of 52 countries ratified, 11 countries signed, and 35 countries have no action on the Convention. The Philippines is also the only country in Asia that has a domestic law against enforced disappearance while Sri Lanka was the latest to sign the Convention. In Africa, 11 countries have already ratified, 27 signed, and 26 countries have no action. In Europe, 15 countries ratified, 29 countries signed, while 15 countries have no action.

    In South America, 9 countries ratified, 9 countries signed, and 4 countries remain with no action. In North America, only 6 countries ratified, 8 signed, and 21 countries have no action. Finally in Oceania, only 1 country ratified, 3 signed, and 11 remains with no action [2]. It is also important to note that although many countries ratified the Convention, many of them have not yet recognized the competence of the Committee on Enforced Disappearance CED. Only 20 countries recognize the competence of the CED out of the 48 countries that have ratified the Convention. Enforced Disappearance is still a tool of repressive governments to paralyze their political enemies and other innocent communities.

    In a recent report in Bangladesh, 8 cases of enforced disappearance happened and documented in January - April In Bangladesh, enforced disappearance is one of the primary acts perpetrated by law enforcement agencies, paramilitary, and armed forces to detain and even extra-judicially execute individuals. Out of the cases, 43 involved female victims and 68 victims were eventually found dead. The burned remains of one of them were found weeks later.

    The other 42 are still missing. Europe was not spared of the inhuman crimes of enforced disappearance.